Wednesday 26 February 2014

Mending Cyril the Squirrel

Three years ago (11 February 2011) some of the children of  St. Mary's School, Selly Oak, helped the Friends of Selly Oak Park create a willow sculpture in the Park.  The sculpture had the shape of a squirrel, with a network of tunnels which could be explored by young people crawling through his "eyes", his "paws" and his "tail".  The children named him Cyril.  Young folk loved him, and played very happily with him.

Sadly, after a little while, Cyril was damaged by some older folk, and we thought he was so poorly that he was beyond repair.

But we left him, and quietly over the last 12-18 months Cyril has grown many long new willows.

Happily on Tuesday, 25th February 2014, the same group of children from St. Mary's School were able to come to the Park and help mend Cyril.  Due to their hard work, weaving and shaping the new willow growth, Cyril is all smart and smiley - a happy Cyril the Squirrel once again.

Well done St. Mary's, and a big THANK YOU - Brilliant Job!