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Agenda for 2020 AGM
        Policy: Health and Safety Policy
        Policy: Finance Policy
         Policy: Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia Policy
        Policy: Data Protection Policy

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:
        Minutes of 6th Sept 2020
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        Minutes of Festival Planning meeting 24th April 2017
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        Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held 7th Oct 2011 to discuss Sainsbury's latest plans.
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The executive committee has been meeting regularly since 2006 but previous minutes are not available on line.

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The Friends of Selly Oak Park has existed since 2006 but earlier AGM minutes are not available on line.

Latest Minutes:

Friends of Selly Oak Park

Minutes of the Committee meeting

6th September 2020 by Zoom


Present: Andrew Schofield (Chair), Ann-Marie McCarthy (Vice Chair), Bob Curry (Treasurer), Helen Murie,

1. Apologies: Marian Evans

Rachel Wallace stepping down

2.Matters Arising

Minutes of meeting 9th February not available yet apologies from Helen Murie main item on the agenda was Selly Oak Festival

3. Bird Bench Damage, new bench

Andrew Schofield has removed the Bird damaged by Council Staff, Council have agreed to pay for repair. Original artist Graham Jones can fix on a post, awaiting works order from Birmingham Council. Branch from Oak  Graham Jones says can be made into simple bench (depressions cut for sitting in)  fixed to ground for £200. It will be sapwood rather than heartwood so won’t last for ever but still worth doing. Simple wording thanking NHS 2020 to be inscribed, to relocate view to QE agreed we should proceed.


Action AS to remind Sue Amey BCC works order needed

Action AS to contact Graham Jones re Bench

4. Litter

Litter picks have been continued individually by AS, Simon Stafford and Jackie. Council now collecting twice weekly which has improved things more recently. During summer there was allot of rubbish including throw away BBQ. As we can organise socially distanced litter picks agreed to organise programme to be advertised on Facebook page dates scheduled see below.


Action AS to advertise Saturday 3rd October, Saturday 7th November at 10am


5. Christmas Carols and lights in the park.

We can put up lights Carols more unpredictable we could organise socially distanced event but question if BCC is permitting events in parks during COVID. Decision to proceed to be made on 7th November. We should do what we are able to do.


Action AS to ask Sue Amey and Carolin at BCC if likely to be able to proceed with event.

AS and helpers to erect lights on 5th December


6. AGM and Committee meetings

4th October AGM via zoom AS has advertised people who want to join need to submit their email.

AS, HM, BC, AM all happy to stand again.


Action AS to contact Simon Safford to see if happy to continue on committee.

BC to do accounts for AGM to be put on website basic income and outgoings.


7. Selly Oak Festival 2021

Provisional date set for 19th June 2021, pre flight meeting 14th June 2021


 8. Corrisande Rd Entrance

Works on hold due to COVID. AS applied for trees for this and some others from Trees for Life including Golden Rain and Hawthorn plus some trees to fill in gaps in main avenues. Potential for assistance with planting. If successful will have to plant even if other works have not been completed. Fencing on non BCC side has deteriorated further.


9. Central feature

Lottery application was unsuccessful feedback was given to Rachel Wallace. We can look at feedback and then consider other funders, Lapal trust has had grant from Garfield Weston funding is an area where we lack knowledge.


Action AS to contact RW for feedback


10. Willow

Growth good though some new stems damaged. Has been used well over the summer. Dates set for annual maintenance.  Saturday 30th January and Saturday 6th February at 10am.


11. Any other business


BCC Annual Parks Survey is taking place online.

AS confirmed Park is covered by injunction BCC applied and extended to cover more parks.


Action Hm to send AS link to BCC Parks survey, AS to put link on Facebook



Diary dates


Committee Meetings (via Zoom until further notice).

Sun 4th Oct 3pm - 2020 AGM.

Mon 16th Nov 2020 6pm

Mon 18th Jan 2021 6pm

Mon 15th March 2021 6pm

Mon 19th April 2021 6pm

Mon 17th May 2021 6pm

Mon 14th June 2021 6pm

Sun 19th Sept 2021 2pm pre-AGM meeting, 3pm 2021 AGM


Litter Picks (Socially distanced).

Sat 3rd Oct 10am

Sat 7th Nov 10am

(more dates to follow).


Willow Sculpture (Socially distanced).

Sat 30th Jan 10am

Sat 6th Feb 10am


Christmas Tree Lights

(As a minimum we agreed to set Christmas lights in the tree near Gibbins Rd).

Sat 5th Dec 3pm


Selly Oak Festival

Sat 19th June (obviously highly provisional at this time).


AGM 8th September 2019

AGM for Friends of Selly Oak Park


Matters Arising from previous minutes.

Some progress with Corisande Road entrance.


Chairman’s Report Andrew Schofield

We organised 2 main events during the year. Our 7th Carols in the park in December 2018 was reasonably successful despite extremely poor weather which forced us inside. The weather was poor all day and this reduced attendance.  One again we would like to thank Pastor Andy Boxall from the Christian Life Centre and musicians from St John’s Church Harborne for their contributions. As last year the tree lights stayed up throughout the Christmas period.


Our main event was once again the Selly Oak Festival in June. This year’s event was sponsored by the University of Birmingham (£1000) who had 4 stalls including one for the Lapworh Musium and one for the Barber Institute. Robert Wilkinson’s Fun Fair provided electrical power. We had a slightly more stalls this year and again had a cluster of stalls in the central area. Visitor numbers were down on the previous year due to poor weather although our takings on the Donkey rides were only a little down. The Junior Football and Dog Show were both great successes and we would like to thank Dave Robinson for his support of the football and Louise Francis-Taylor for organising the dog show. Thanks are also due to the Keresley K9 Flyball team for their entertaining demonstration dog race. We thank the other non-committee member volunteers and the local councillors for Weoley and Selly Oak, and Bournbrook and Selly Park for their contributions. Unfortunately Robert Wilkinson was unable to provide a stage for us this year, and we are very grateful to Rex Perreau for lending us a small marquee (and putting it up!) and to Festival Arts Selly Oak for lending us some stage blocks. This was all arranged a very short notice. The festival made a small loss this year partly due to promised sponsorship not being forthcoming as yet, although we are hoping that it may still be paid. We need to review arrangements for the stage, fairground rides and sponsorship for next year.


During the year management of the park reverted to the city council and we (along with most parks in the area) lost the support of a horticultural advisor. We were however able to make more use of the Park Rangers for support.


We organised a number of litter picks this year again upping the number to supplement the regular picks by the parks management team. In the absence of a regular park keeper, litter seems to be a constant issue in the park and we are very grateful to those volunteers who help with litter picks. We are also grateful to those who helped with the willow sculpture. With Ranger support, we were able to cut it back harder this year and do some replanting and mulching. This appears to have improved the overall health and structure of the willow.


The missing Nature Trial signs have now been replaced (with Ranger support) and all of the signs converted to recycled plastic lecterns. We are monitoring the new design signs with a view to replacing the remaining sign elements as necessary.


The year has been marred by a series of muggings in the park. We believe that these are due to a small group of teenagers. The police are aware of the problem and we understand that court cases are pending. In response to this issue, we used the Facebook group to coordinate a number of community walks across the park at key times. Some of our members / supporters also joined the police Street Watch scheme and now make patrols of the park and surrounding area. Finally, we ran a ground clearance session near Corisande Rd to reduce the scope for hiding places. A knife was found during this event and handed to the police.


The committee spent considerable time this year discussing the Corisande Rd entrance and the central park area formally occupied by the shelter. At the Corisande Rd entrance we have established ownership of the fences. BCC will repair the fence on the Lepid Grove side and write to the owner of the other fence asking for it to be repaired. We then plan to redevelop the planting along the alley way. In the centre of the park after many months trying to get costings for a scheme we now hope to have costs for a new design soon that we can then use as a basis for a grant application. We are running a consultation on the new design.


We would like to thank Ariel Scouts for the use of their hut for meetings and help with the festival and Carols. We also thank Sue Amy (BCC Area Parks Manager) and Nicola Clarke (Idverde) and the Park Ranger service for their help during the year.



Treasurers Report Dave Barker




Dave Barker announced that he is standing down as Treasurer. Andrew Schofield thanked him for his work on the committee over many years and presented him with a framed picture representing events from his time with the Friends.


Vote for Committe Members:

Chairman Andrew Schofield

Vice Ann-Marie McCarthy

Treasurer Bob Curry

Secretary Helen Murie

Committee members

Simon Stafford

Marion Evans

Rachel Wallace

Chris Wallace (Group Scout Leader - ex officio)

Park Lodge discussed as to whether it will be sold by Council does not seem to be an immediate happening but there maybe a possibility of selling.


Next Years AGM

Sunday 13th September 2020 3pm


Post meeting note: The 2020 AGM was moved to 4th Oct 2020 at 3pm on Zoom.