Minutes, Constitution and Policies

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Constitution and Policies:
        Policy: Activities Involving Supervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
        Policy: Activities Involving Unsupervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
         Policy: Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia Policy
        Policy: Data Protection Policy

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:
        Minutes of Festival Planning Meeting 16th Apr 2018
        Minutes of 21st Feb 2018 (also shown below)
        Minutes of 3rd Jan 2018 
        Minutes of 26th October 2017
        Minutes of 17th Sept 2017 
        Minutes of 15th May 2017 
        Minutes of Festival Planning meeting 24th April 2017
        Minutes of 20th March 2017
        Minutes of 16th Jan 2017 
        Minutes of 21st Nov 2016
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2016
        Minutes of May 2016 (not available)
        Minutes of 21st March 2016
        Minutes of 18th Jan 2016
        Minutes of Nov 2015 (not available)
         Minutes of 20th Sept 2015
        Minutes of 16th March 2015
        Minutes of 19th Jan 2015
        Minutes of 17th Nov 2014
        Minutes of 21st Sept 2014
        Minutes of 19th May 2014
        Minutes of 17th March 2014
        Minutes of 20th January 2014
        Minutes of 15th September 2013
        Minutes of 20th May 2013
        Minutes of 18th March 2013
        Minutes of 21st Jan 2013
        Minutes of 19th Nov 2012
        Minutes of 16th Sept 2012
        Minutes of 21st May 2012
        Minutes of 19th March 2012
        Minutes of 16th January 2012
        Minutes of 21st November 2011
        Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held 7th Oct 2011 to discuss Sainsbury's latest plans.
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2011
        Minutes of 16th May 2011
        Minutes of 7th March 2011
        Minutes of 17th January 2011 
        Minutes of 15th November 2010
        Minutes of 26th September 2010
The executive committee has been meeting regularly since 2006 but previous minutes are not available on line.

AGM Minutes:
        2017 AGM
        2016 AGM
        2015 AGM
        2014 AGM
        2013 AGM
        2012 AGM
        2011 AGM
        2010 AGM
        2009 AGM
The Friends of Selly Oak Park has existed since 2006 but earlier AGM minutes are not available on line.

Latest Minutes:

Friends of Selly Oak Park
Minutes of the Committee meeting
21st February 2018

Present: Andrew Schofield (Chair), Dave Barker (Treasurer), Ann-Marie McCarthy(Vice Chair), Marian Evans, Simon Stafford, Cllr Andrew Hardie, Bob Curry, Helen Murie, Nicola Clarke (Idverde), Sue Amey (BCC)

1. Apologies:  Gerard Airey, Ronald Streton (BCC)

2. Minutes of the meeting of 3rd January 2018 were approved.

3. Matters Arising
Nothing not already on the agenda..

4. Willow update and litter picking update.
Willow was cut back and rewoven over four weekends prunings still to be collected by Idvere – NC will chase. Litter pick: AS has reported issues to BC identified during litter picks. BCC current litter pick is weekly with more frequent bin emptying, this should include frontage on Gibbins Road. There has been some fly-tipping on Corrisande Road Entrance. Car in yard by lodge queried.

5. Festival update.
Festival will be held on Saturday 23rd June. AS reported bookings for stalls have opened and going well so far 19 stalls plus Scouts. Includes Louise Taylor confirmed Flyball, Lapal Cantal Trust, Juggler, First Aid, Donkey. Possible music link identified through allotments. May need additional transport to shift equipment from AS house. Actions for football  AS to clarify no of teams for football Northfield Manor. 4 teams at least, volunteer help Ref and timekeeper required. Action Fair rides AS to nudge Fair for rides and stage. Cllr invites TBC post May election.

6. Corisande Rd entrance way.
SA reported ownership of fence is uncertain from BCC records. Paul Spinx due to look at planting. Possible options grass or bark, question if grass would take as position shady. No funds available for replanting shrub boarder. Could put bulbs within the grass.  Maintenance cost saving of grass with trees compared to shrub border for BCC. FOSOP may have offers of trees that could use if suitable species identified. SA will visit site this week.

7. Hidden History and Tree trails.
AS had costed posts NC agreed costings look reasonable. Involvement with The University of Birmingham School AS and NC met with enthusiastic staff member who organises enrichment and Hidden History work has begun with children, AS will meet children this week to share what we know about park history. School also keen to look at Tree Trail view that should do the projects consecutively not simultaneously.

8. Central Feature.
No progress Action SA to contact Landscape Practice Group to copy of plans. Consider Awards for All as potential funder Stream Social Heritage.

9. AOB.
9.1 SA reported that BCC reorganising parks management to 5 District Parks Managers (currently 4). New manager appointed for our area with will include Selly Oak and Hall Green is Ronald Streton previously worked in Cemetery department. SA will be introducing him to the park.

9.2 Lapal Canal Group have been given temporary use of small green cabin in compound to store equipment. Currently they are proactively managing the basin up to the bridge. Only minor vegetative clearance to be done elsewhere to facilitate survey work. Bat roost potential under bridge. Group has been awarded funding for feasibility study.

9.3 SA reported BCC considering future of Lodge currently tenanted propose to sell Lodge with area for garden. Concern expressed by group members over the plan particularly that it should not become a house of multiple occupancy. Previous experience of the group with council buildings which have been sold is very negative. BCC has agreed that restrictions would be placed on properties which have then not been done and landlords are only following planning conditions placed on them following enforcement and considerable effort by local residents. The building is not listed.

9.4 Repairs. SA has ordered metal High Court injunction signs for railings on bridge bolted on. Replacement of cap stone on gate. Park risk assessment identified risk on returns either side of bridge temporary fencing currently in place will be replaced with permanent railing.

9. 5 Plans for Bournbrook Recreation ground which would result in loss of basketball facility and creation of pocket park. Possibility could look at Section 106 to provide Muga within Selly Oak Park as alternative.

Committee Meeting Dates 2018:
Wed 3rd January 6pm -  Scout Hut
Wed 21st February 6pm – Scout Hut
Mon 16th April 6pm (Festival planning) – Venue TBC
Wed 30th May 6pm – Scout Hut – TBC
Mon 18th June 6pm (Festival pre-flight meeting) – Venue TBC. [Post meeting Note changed date].
Sunday 16th Sept 2pm (committee) 3pm (AGM/Public meeting).