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The executive committee has been meeting regularly since 2006 but previous minutes are not available on line.

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The Friends of Selly Oak Park has existed since 2006 but earlier AGM minutes are not available on line.

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Latest Minutes:

Friends of Selly Oak Park

Minute of the Committee Meeting held on 16 January 2017
in the Scout Hut, Gibbins Road, Selly Oak

Present:           Andrew Schofield (Chairman), Ann-Marie McCarthy (Vice Chairman), Dave Barker (Treasurer), Bob Curry, Marian Evans, Simon Stafford and Ken Pugh (Secretary).
                        Gerard Airey (Ariel Scouts) and Sue Amey (BCC).

Apologies:       Nicola Clarke (Quadron).

1       Minute of the Committee Meeting held on 21 November 2016:  After the following correction the minute was approved.  
Stump Display Board – BCC has the repair in his sights and will charge Robert Wilkinson.

2       Matters arising:  
Repairs to gate and interpretation board – these have been completed.

Central Area of the Park – plans were displayed at the “Carols in the Park” event on 17th December 2016.  The following comments were received:

·         “The plans look good; it would be great to have more paved area in the middle so you can walk through easily and wildflower meadows / bee-friendly plants.”
·         “I think the plans look lovely, the centre will look great although for the future it would be nice to have a foot path at the very bottom of the park so runners can jog a whole perimeter of the park.”
·         “Great idea – will give a focus to that area of the park.”

Another respondent said “Excellent”, and suggested that the Westhill Trust be approached for assistance with funding.  This lead to the suggestions that the CEO (not the local manager) of the major local stores be approached for sponsorship and finance; as perhaps could the major landscaping companies for support in kind (materials) if not direct finance. 

Bug Life – Meadow to encourage pollinators
Nick Packham has still to propose dates for a workshop in March / April to explain the project and its benefits to FoSOP and other interested parties. 

Time of Committee Meetings – The Scout Hut will not be available for future Monday meetings at 6 pm because of bookings by other regular users.  GA to liaise with other users to see whether, with their cooperation, we might be able to meet from 5.00 – 6.30 pm instead. 

3       Undesirable activities in the Park

Travellers – preventative measures – update – SA explained that funding had been found   for a locked swing barrier augmented by adjacent trip rails and a bollard at the lodge, and for a trip rail adjacent to the Scout Hut.  The swing barrier will be white for visibility purposes.  Thanks were expressed for this provision.

Animal carcases and animal body parts found in the Park – Reports of the discovery of animal carcases and body parts in the Park have been posted on Facebook. It is unclear whether such dismembering is occurring by natural predation (e.g. fox activity) or some other dubious means.  If dog carcases are found they should be reported to BCC Waste Management Department; other items should be reported to the Animal Welfare authorities.  Anyone making these discoveries should, where possible, take photographic evidence and submit it and other details of the location, etc. to the Police or to FoSOP.  

4       Council consultation on cost savings.
BCC have announced a round of budget cuts which will see a 20% reduction in funding of the Parks Department.  In order to accommodate this, the City’s Ranger hubs will be reduced from 6 to 2 (these at Sutton Park in the north, and the Lickey Hills in the south), with the loss of 13 posts.  The remaining rangers will be involved primarily with land management and health and safety issues, and will have less time to spend on events, activities (e.g. guided walks), and volunteer support.  Park keepers will be removed from all parks.  Grass mowing will be curtailed by 20% with areas likely to be turned over to various scrub management regimes.
The foreseeable major impacts on Selly Oak Park – will be the loss of the park-keeper; the accumulation of litter and debris, overgrowth and damage to the meadow area recently planted, and a general downward slide in the appearance and ambience of the Park.
In discussing the litter issue it was suggested that FoSOP may be able to organise litter picking parties, and for these to be held during the time (10.30 am – noon) on the 3rd Saturday in every month during the summer (say from May), coinciding with Cllr McCarthy’s clinics at the Scout Hut, with sessions being followed by coffee or a picnic.  Lapal Canal Trust members might also be encouraged to join these activities and give attention specifically to the canal section.
The council has initiated a consultation, and members were encouraged to find their way through its “treacle” (it is not user-friendly!) to the relevant sections and respond.  The Chairman shared his response with the group:
“I disagree with the 20% cut in the parks budget. Public parks and other open spaces are a relative cheap way to encourage physical activity across the entire age range. Many parks have children’s play areas (to keep children active) and adult outdoor gyms to encourage activity in the adult and older adult populations. They offer spaces for fitness training (e.g. Park Run, walking groups, tai chi). They also provide free recreation spaces, meeting spaces and spaces for community events. Reductions in the parks budget will result in parks returning to the no-go areas they were in the 1980's and all of the above benefits will be lost.” 
5       Carols in the Park
This event, on 17th December, had been well received and declared a success, even though there was a smaller attendance than in previous years.  Thanks were expressed to those leading the service, and to the musicians. 
In discussion it was suggested that the Carols (and the Festival) event needed to be re-energised.  More people are needed at all these events; and it was thought that local church leaders might encourage more involvement by their congregations.
It was suggested that the next Carols event might be held nearer the Scout Hut, say on or near the inspection chamber for the aquaduct.

6       Festival 2017
Still waiting for Robert Wilkinson to publish his 2017 schedule of park visits – but anticipate the date being either the 16th or 23rd June.  Entertainments discussed, including the suggestion of an “open mic” music session.

7       Sainsburys / Lapal Canal – no new news.

8       AOB
Birmingham Heritage Forum Subscription – agreed to pay.  Our details are included in 160,000 leaflets printed and distributed to the hotels, heritage sites, etc.
A request to host some volunteering in connection with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – we have neither the resources nor authority to sign off any volunteering for any scheme; and therefore the request should be referred to the Woodgate Valley Country Park, the Clent Hills (National Trust), or the Lickey Hills Country Park.

9       Date of Next Meeting:  

Monday, 20th March 2017, at a time and place to be announced (see item 2 above).