Minutes and Constitution

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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:
        Minutes of 17th Sept 2017 (also shown Below)
        Minutes of 15th May 2017 
        Minutes of Festival Planning meeting 24th April 2017
        Minutes of 20th March 2017
        Minutes of 16th Jan 2017 
        Minutes of 21st Nov 2016
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2016
        Minutes of May 2016 (not available)
        Minutes of 21st March 2016
        Minutes of 18th Jan 2016
        Minutes of Nov 2015 (not available)
         Minutes of 20th Sept 2015
        Minutes of 16th March 2015
        Minutes of 19th Jan 2015
        Minutes of 17th Nov 2014
        Minutes of 21st Sept 2014
        Minutes of 19th May 2014
        Minutes of 17th March 2014
        Minutes of 20th January 2014
        Minutes of 15th September 2013
        Minutes of 20th May 2013
        Minutes of 18th March 2013
        Minutes of 21st Jan 2013
        Minutes of 19th Nov 2012
        Minutes of 16th Sept 2012
        Minutes of 21st May 2012
        Minutes of 19th March 2012
        Minutes of 16th January 2012
        Minutes of 21st November 2011
        Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held 7th Oct 2011 to discuss Sainsbury's latest plans.
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2011
        Minutes of 16th May 2011
        Minutes of 7th March 2011
        Minutes of 17th January 2011 
        Minutes of 15th November 2010
        Minutes of 26th September 2010
The executive committee has been meeting regularly since 2006 but previous minutes are not available on line.

AGM Minutes:
        2017 AGM
        2016 AGM
        2015 AGM
        2014 AGM
        2013 AGM
        2012 AGM
        2011 AGM
        2010 AGM
        2009 AGM
The Friends of Selly Oak Park has existed since 2006 but earlier AGM minutes are not available on line.

Constitution and Policies:
        Policy: Activities Involving Supervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
        Policy: Activities Involving Unsupervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
         Policy: Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia Policy

Latest Minutes:

The Friends of Selly Oak Park

Minutes of the Committee Meeting Prior to AGM
held at 2.00pm Sunday 17th September 2017 in the Scout Hall Gibbins Road.

Present Committee Members:
 Andrew Schofield (Chair)
Ann-Marie McCarthy(Vice Chair)
Dave Barker(Treasurer)
Bob Curry
Simon Stafford
Marian Evans

Also attending:
Gerard Airey (Ariel Scouts)
Chris Wallace(Ariel Scouts).
Nicola Clarke (Idverde)
Sue Amey (BCC, Area Parks Manager)

Apologies: Ken Pugh

1.            Minutes of previous Committee Meeting (date)agreed.

2.             Matters Arising:

                     Park Site Security. Work has been completed and appears successful including bollards.

High Court injunction in place in Selly Oak Park to prohibit illegal camping. Under terms of high court injunction Scouts are allowed to Camp on Selly Oak Park. There are signs up in Selly Oak Park re:High Court Injunction and the Public are recommended to phone the Police on 101 if they see people illegally camping on Selly Oak park. The High Court Injunction can last up to 2 years.High court Injunction against illegal camping also in operation in Selly Park Recreation ground and this injunction has been successfully used for illegal camping in Selly Park Recreation Ground.

                     Central Park Feature: Suggestion for New Nursing Home Builders, who may be able to provide materials, more cost efficiently and could do plant and quantity work.(Simon Stafford) As this is BCC land approved BCC contractors have to be used. However outside contractors would be allowed to donate materials.(Sue Amey)

                      Outside contractors would need publicity for their generosity(Simon Stafford) To check this could be allowed by BCC(Action Sue Amey )

3. Festival 2018
Date of Selly Oak Park Festival as agreed by Committee Members, Saturday 16th June.
Further plans for Selly Oak Park Festival will be discussed at the next meeting.
4.  Carols in the Park
Date as agreed by Committee Members for Carols in the Park Saturday 9th December
5. Hoping to get additional Committer Members from those attending today's  AGM.

6. Litter Picking
Appeared to be quite a lot of litter, especially bottles during summer.(Andrew Schofield)
No complaints received to BCC re:litter. The public could complain via BCC Call centre                               
and on-line(Sue Amey.) Nicola Clarke to find out dates of BCC/Idverde litter picks.
FOSOP may have to supplement BCC/Idverde litter picks e.g. FOSOP litter pick previous Saturday. Other Parks have increased bin emptying(Sue Amey.) Scouts could support litter picking in Summer as part of Community impact badge for age 10 to 14 year olds on a Wednesday evening (Gerard Airey and Chris Wallace.) Idverde/BCC would support the Scouts efforts by providing bags and additional pick ups for these additional bags following litter picks by Scouts.(Nicola Clarke)

7. Any other business
Incident reported aggressive dog. Louise Francis-Taylor may have more details about this as there was an offer by Louise to work with this dog and
Andrew was unsure whether this offer was taken up by the lady who owned the dog.

Committee Meeting Dates:
Tue 24th October 6:15 pm; Scout hut
Wed 3rd January 6pm -  Scout Hut
Wed 21st February 6pm – Scout Hut
Mon 16th April 6pm (Festival planning) – Venue TBC
Wed 30th May 6pm – Scout Hut – TBC
Mon 11th June 6pm (Festival pre-flight meeting) – Venue TBC.
Sunday 16th Sept 2pm (committee) 3pm (AGM/Public meeting).