Minutes, Constitution and Policies

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Constitution and Policies:
        Policy: Activities Involving Supervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
        Policy: Activities Involving Unsupervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
         Policy: Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia Policy
        Policy: Data Protection Policy

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:
        The Meeting of 25th Feb 2019 was not quorate
        Minutes of 6th Dec 2018 not available
        Minutes of 30th Oct 2018
        Minutes of 16th Sept 2018
        Minutes of 30th May 2018
        Minutes of Festival Planning Meeting 16th Apr 2018
        Minutes of 21st Feb 2018
        Minutes of 3rd Jan 2018 
        Minutes of 26th October 2017
        Minutes of 17th Sept 2017 
        Minutes of 15th May 2017 
        Minutes of Festival Planning meeting 24th April 2017
        Minutes of 20th March 2017
        Minutes of 16th Jan 2017 
        Minutes of 21st Nov 2016
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2016
        Minutes of May 2016 (not available)
        Minutes of 21st March 2016
        Minutes of 18th Jan 2016
        Minutes of Nov 2015 (not available)
         Minutes of 20th Sept 2015
        Minutes of 16th March 2015
        Minutes of 19th Jan 2015
        Minutes of 17th Nov 2014
        Minutes of 21st Sept 2014
        Minutes of 19th May 2014
        Minutes of 17th March 2014
        Minutes of 20th January 2014
        Minutes of 15th September 2013
        Minutes of 20th May 2013
        Minutes of 18th March 2013
        Minutes of 21st Jan 2013
        Minutes of 19th Nov 2012
        Minutes of 16th Sept 2012
        Minutes of 21st May 2012
        Minutes of 19th March 2012
        Minutes of 16th January 2012
        Minutes of 21st November 2011
        Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held 7th Oct 2011 to discuss Sainsbury's latest plans.
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2011
        Minutes of 16th May 2011
        Minutes of 7th March 2011
        Minutes of 17th January 2011 
        Minutes of 15th November 2010
        Minutes of 26th September 2010
The executive committee has been meeting regularly since 2006 but previous minutes are not available on line.

AGM Minutes:
        2018 AGM
        2017 AGM
        2016 AGM
        2015 AGM
        2014 AGM
        2013 AGM
        2012 AGM
        2011 AGM
        2010 AGM
        2009 AGM
The Friends of Selly Oak Park has existed since 2006 but earlier AGM minutes are not available on line.

Latest Minutes:

Friends of Selly Oak Park
Minutes of the Committee meeting
Tuesday 30th October held at 78 Gibbins Road

Present: Andrew Schofield (Chair), Ann-Marie McCarthy (Vice-Chair), Dave Barker (Treasurer), Marian Evans, Bob Curry, Helen Murie, Andrew Hardie (Lapal Canal Trust)

1. Apologies:  Sue Amey (BCC), Simon Stafford, Alf Dimmock

2. Minutes of the last meeting Agreed

3.Matters Arising not on agenda
Nature Trail – Andrew is working on the design for the bat sign.

4. Carols in the Park Saturday 15th December.
3pm Lights to be erected Action AS, DB, HM if needed
4pm Rest of committee to arrive
5pm Start
AS, BC, ME may be attending Action AS to confirm who is attending
Action AS to ask SS if can come
Will erect Gazebo if weather fine
AS has been looking for musicians Action AS to continue
Advertising Action AS to update publicity spelling and put sign by lodge and get leaflet printed to distribute locally (Gibbins Road, Lodge Hill Road, Durley Dean, Corisande, Woolacombe Lodge Road etc) also for Cherry Oak and Water Mill School distribution through book bags.

5. Selly Oak Park Festival.
Date confirmed as Saturday 15th June as preferred by Donkey firm.
Donkey’s booked Action AS pay deposit
We can start to organise stalls
Ideas to seek additional sponsorship
Action MS to ask new shops Selly Oak Shopping Park
We could ask estate agents, Dixons largest locally others Oakmans, letting agents could offer to distribute their advertising with our leaflets as way of securing large sponsorship £1,000.00- £3000.00 on par with University of Birmingham sponsorship.
Advertising include in local directories Action HM to check if free
Would like to include different entertainment Falconry? Music? (£400-600 budget)
Could we highlight what is good about the park? Hidden History, Nature?
Samosas, other food options try to have better spread.
Friends of Selly Oak Park Stall needed to recruit more people to FoSOP
AGM 4 volunteers offer to Marshall on the day
Could the University do Zumba activity?
DB will do football tournament
Contact Paul? Who was involved in seed sowing of meadow
Ask Park rangers, Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust
Jan the Ranger has contacted AS to say she had done some work in the park with Selly Oak School and University of Birmingham school so could see if she would be involved.
Paul Stevenson Trees?
Action All to think of possibilities for fair

6. Paths.
Breedon Gravel paths eroded by storm, Gibbins Road side has been resurfaced with tarmac, other path topped up.

7. Corisande Road Entrance.
Sue Amey (BCC) is getting costings for the fence replacement but has no funding for this financial year. AS has been approached by Interserve Construction Manager working on Sainsburys site regarding funding some planting for the park we could ask for trees for the entrance after discussion decided AS should ask if they would replace the fencing as need this done first, would need approval from BCC. Can ask Trees for Life for trees. Action AS to contact Interserve, HM to contact Trees for Life

8. Willow Sculpture.
Willow needs annual prune late January. Discussed difficulty with maintaining it, option of cutting it down to base and re-growing to more manageable height but this could be vulnerable to vandalism, alternative could cut again in summer to make it a smaller job in January. Action 3 Volunteer work days Saturday 19th, 26th January and 2nd February 2019.

9. Fireworks in park.
Concern posted on FoSOP website regarding youth letting off fireworks in the park. Dog Walker reported to Police advised to set up a group to monitor it but don’t approach anyone. There was bonfire on meadow last week. Could dial 999 if there is a fire.

10. AOB.
Andrew Hardie new chair of Lapal Canal Trust gave update of project.
Brochure has been produced to aid fundraising. First phase of project 2million pounds for Birmingham and Worcester Canal to Selly Oak Park. Bridge will be repaired this year. Canal River Trust is negotiating with BCC and Interserve over the 106 Agreement question as to what was required and if has been done correctly piling. Request from FoSOP that Lapal Canal Trust see what can be one about opening up the footpath link into the park which has been landscaped. Could there be common interest between FoSOP and Lapal Canal Trust on Park Lodge? Concern from FoSOP about method for work to restore first section of the canal. Lapal Canal Trust may be able to share leafleting sometimes. Action AS to Liase regarding leaflets.

Litter Pick Saturday 17th November 10am
Next Meeting Tuesday 4th December 6pm at 78 Gibbins Road

Future committee meetings

16th April 2019 Ariel Scouts
28th May 2019 Ariel Scouts
AGM 8th September 2019