Minutes, Constitution and Policies

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Constitution and Policies:
        Policy: Activities Involving Supervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
        Policy: Activities Involving Unsupervised Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults.
         Policy: Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia Policy
        Policy: Data Protection Policy

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:
        Minutes of 16th Sept 2018
        Minutes of 30th May 2018
        Minutes of Festival Planning Meeting 16th Apr 2018
        Minutes of 21st Feb 2018 (also shown below)
        Minutes of 3rd Jan 2018 
        Minutes of 26th October 2017
        Minutes of 17th Sept 2017 
        Minutes of 15th May 2017 
        Minutes of Festival Planning meeting 24th April 2017
        Minutes of 20th March 2017
        Minutes of 16th Jan 2017 
        Minutes of 21st Nov 2016
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2016
        Minutes of May 2016 (not available)
        Minutes of 21st March 2016
        Minutes of 18th Jan 2016
        Minutes of Nov 2015 (not available)
         Minutes of 20th Sept 2015
        Minutes of 16th March 2015
        Minutes of 19th Jan 2015
        Minutes of 17th Nov 2014
        Minutes of 21st Sept 2014
        Minutes of 19th May 2014
        Minutes of 17th March 2014
        Minutes of 20th January 2014
        Minutes of 15th September 2013
        Minutes of 20th May 2013
        Minutes of 18th March 2013
        Minutes of 21st Jan 2013
        Minutes of 19th Nov 2012
        Minutes of 16th Sept 2012
        Minutes of 21st May 2012
        Minutes of 19th March 2012
        Minutes of 16th January 2012
        Minutes of 21st November 2011
        Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held 7th Oct 2011 to discuss Sainsbury's latest plans.
        Minutes of 18th Sept 2011
        Minutes of 16th May 2011
        Minutes of 7th March 2011
        Minutes of 17th January 2011 
        Minutes of 15th November 2010
        Minutes of 26th September 2010
The executive committee has been meeting regularly since 2006 but previous minutes are not available on line.

AGM Minutes:
        2018 AGM
        2017 AGM
        2016 AGM
        2015 AGM
        2014 AGM
        2013 AGM
        2012 AGM
        2011 AGM
        2010 AGM
        2009 AGM
The Friends of Selly Oak Park has existed since 2006 but earlier AGM minutes are not available on line.

Latest Minutes:

Friends of Selly Oak Park
Minutes of the Committee meeting
16th September 2018
Held at Scout Hall Gibbins Road

Present: Andrew Schofield (Chair), Dave Barker (Treasurer), Ann-Marie McCarthy (Vice Chair), Simon Stafford, Helen Murie, Chris Wallace (Ariel Scouts)

1. Apologies:  Cllr Julie Johnson, Nicola Clarke (Idverde), Sue Amey (BCC), Gerard Airey (Ariel Scouts), Bob Curry, Marian Evans

2. Minutes of the meeting of 30th May 2018 were not available for all but notes from the meeting were discussed.

3. Matters Arising.
Non-not covered in agenda.

4. Nature Trail.
The company who previously supplied plaques for the nature trail has gone bankrupt so we have to find an alternative. AS has identified two options. Option A company who will design and supply plaques on aluminium including images cost £200 + Vat Option B cost £50 + Vat?? laminate material we have to design comprising text and copyright free image. Size A3. Decision Option B purchase one sign for Pipistrelle Bat so we can be sure of quality before procuring more. We have already bought mock wood plastic posts. We have the sign for the Oak Tree. Need to relocate millennium wood sign to path nearer playground as this is the most vandalised sign. Ranger assistance required to dig post holes. Action AS to procure sign and contact rangers.

5. Carols in Park.
Carols in Park were very successful this year agreed to hold this year Saturday 15th December.

6. Selly Oak Festival.
We want to avoid clashes with other local events. University of Birmingham holding open day in July so this will not clash with us. Unsure of dates for Bournville and Harborne. HM suggested coordinating with event that travelled through several parks this summer if it is held again led by EcoBrum Northfield. Participation of other local organisations would be welcome, Sense were contacted this year but did not participate. Provisional dates for festival Saturday 15th or 22nd June. HM to contact EcoBrum and Sense to explore participation.

7. Litter Picks.
Fly tipping recurrent problem particularly around the car park and rear of Ariel Scouts building. Lots of litter on Gibbins Road side query if whole park is being picked. Committee decided to continue with Litter picks. Dates for future picks set at Saturday 13th October, Saturday 17th November 10am. Action AS to email Sue Amey BCC and CC Cllr regarding fly tipping.

8. Corrisande Road Entrance.
HM has not identified funding for trees yet Woodland trust has packs of whips but these would not be suitable for the position. Sue Amey BCC doesn’t have responsibility for trees, so in view of recent removals we should contact Tree Officer BCC so we can discuss the plans to ensure we do not plant and then have future removals. s AS find out who Tree Officer is. HM to identify funding look at Trees for life.

9. Any other business.
HM noticed that Manor Farm Park has recently held a ranger led bat walk perhaps we could hold one as part of relaunch of bat sign could do it around Halloween. Action HM contact rangers.

Future committee meetings
30th October Ariel Scouts
December TBC
19th February 2019 Ariel Scouts
16th April 2019 Ariel Scouts
28th May 2019 Ariel Scouts
AGM 8th September 2019