Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Selly Oak Festival 2017

Selly Oak Festival
10th June 2017

To book a stall download the form here and e-mail to festival @ friendsofsellyoakpark.org.uk
Want to provide some entertainment? Use the same e-mail address.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Emergency Committee meeting

There will be an emergency meeting of the Friends of Selly Oak Park at 1pm on Sun 6th Nov. In the Scout Hut on Gibbins Rd. All are welcome.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Local green flag park damaged by travellers for second time in six months.

31st October 2016

Local green flag park damaged by travellers for second time in six months.

The Friends of Selly Oak Park have tonight called for a review of the police response to travellers on the city’s park following damage to the park caused by travellers in June and October. The latest group of travellers arrived at the weekend but were not moved on by police despite having gained access to the park by forced entry. This delay resulted in the travellers being able to cut braches off trees I the park in order to light bonfires. There we also reports of fireworks being thrown at cars on Gibbins Rd. While the Friends of Selly Oak Park believe that all communities are entitled to the lifestyle of their choice no one should be allowed defecate, fly tip, light fires in a public park or use a park as a site for an unofficial firework display. While West Midlands Police and Fire service did attend they did not extinguish the fires or prevent fireworks from being thrown at cars. We demand an explanation as to why the fires were allowed to continue and ask that the travellers, who have now clearly committed offences have not been moved on with immediate effect. We also call on Birmingham City Council to install new gates at the park.

Notes to editors

Friends of Selly Oak Park is a not for profit community group dedicated to supporting the park and the needs of its users.

Selly Oak Park has been a Green Flag park since 2013 and had recently had this status renewed for 2016/17.

Travellers - again!

Very disapointed at the police response to the current batch of travellers on the park. Bonfires and fireworks tonight. Possibly the worst week in the year in which to 'host' a traveller group.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Do come along and support us or join us.

A warm welcome awaits you at:

A Public Meeting
3pm, Sunday 18th September 2016
Ariel Scout Hut, Gibbins Road


1. Apologies...
2. Minute of the 2015 meeting
3. Matters Arising
4. Chairman's Report
5. Treasurer's Report
6. Lapal Canal update
7. Selly Oak Festival
8. Carols in the park
9. Fake Festival
10. Travellers
11. Elections for 2015/16
12. Any Other Business

We are always looking for interested people to join us on the Committee to represent the needs of the Park, and of its users, and to liaise with the Parks Department staff who look after the Park.