Saturday 26 February 2022

Selly Oak Festival

25th June 2022

Junior Football Tournament from 10am
Dog Show Registration from 10am
Stalls open 11am
Dog Show 11am - 12:30
Football Presentation sometime between 12:30 and 1.

1pm Watermill School Choir
1:20 Tiverton Academy Dance
1:40 Kids Zumba
2:00 Adults Fitness
2:20 Frøsco, University of Birmingham School

Programme Subject to change without notice

BBQ / Grill
Ice Cream
Donkey Rides
Circus Skills
Harborne Lane Allotments Plant Sale
Stonehouse Gang
Lapal Canal Trust
Worcester, Birmingham and Driotwich Canals
Simon Redwood Fine Art
Oliver Jamin Art
Battle Bootcamp
Fox Hollies Pre-school
McMillan Cancer Support
University of Birmingham
Barber Institute
Winterbourne House and Gardens
Mother Nature's Remedies
Friends of Selly Oak Park


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  5. Participating in the Selly Oak Festival on Sat 17th June 2023 was an absolute delight, filled with vibrant energy and captivating performances. It was a testament to the community's spirit and showcased the organizers' meticulous planning. Such positive reviews examples highlight the festival's exceptional atmosphere and its ability to leave a lasting impression on attendees.