Wednesday 9 February 2011

Willow sculpture installed

Park historian (Ken Pugh, Right) works with
designer Bob Green (left) while Tracey Hewitt (centre)
 takes a short break.
Wednesday 9th February was a great day for the park and for the Friends as this was the day when we installed our willow sculpture. The sculpture, which depicts a squirrel, was designed by Bob Green and installed by Bob with the help of two groups of children from St Mary's School and members of the Friends of the park. We were also greatly assisted by the Park Keeper, Derick, and by the Neighbourhood manager for Selly Oak St Mary's, Tracey Hewitt.


A pupil from St Mary's School
helps weave willow.

The willow squirrel is part of the nature trail that Tracey has been championing in the park and represents an excellent natural play feature with its tunnels and hide aways. In time the willow rods will take root to provide a green canopy in the summer. New shoots will be worked back into the structure.

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